How we do it

What sets us apart from the rest is what we have under the hood. Our understanding of metallurgy along with the arsenal of tools at our disposal is what allows us to fully sculpt material, manipulate geometry, and create objects that have been generated in virtual space. Combining our knowledge of three-dimensional computer space via software with cutting edge technology in machinery creates an overlapping transparency that's needed to take what is imagined and transform it to that which is actualized.

Shop Floor

Vertical Milling Centers

Slant Turret Turning Centers

  • 60x30 (1 Fadal)
  • 50x20 (2 Haas)
  • 45x25 (1 Fadal)
  • 40x20 (2 Fadal)
  • 30x16 (3 Fadal / 3 Haas)
  • 22x16 (2 Fadal)
  • 20x16 (2 Fadal)
  • SL-20T (1 Haas)
  • SL-20 (1 Haas)
  • ST-20 (1 Haas)

Trunnion (5th Axis Milling)

  • TR-210 (1 Haas)


  • HA250W (1 Amada)
  • Rutland Vertical Saw

Quality Control

Coordinate Measuring Machine

  • Mitutoyo CRT-EX7106T CNC CMM

Height Gauge

  • Dial Height Gage with Digital Counter (3 Mitutoyo) 

Optical Comparator

  • Starrett HB 400